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Interior doors

Exterior doors

CNC Machining

Wooden doors and Windows with double glazing

• The quality of the laminated wood, together with German technology and cutting-edge thermal properties of glass and put in Windows, leading to new designs windowing in which tradition and nature stand alongside innovation, providing you with comfort and ambiance.
• Doors and Windows made of wood can withstand throughout the service life of a building. Many centuries-old buildings retain their original woodwork, because wood can be restored or repaired.


Inside buildings fitted with laminated wood joinery is formed by condensation not not being necessary (as in the case of PVC) opening of the Windows and doors daily for removal of water vapour. The thickness of the wood profiles can vary from 48 mm to 72 mm. Most profile is used if the works recommended glazing with 3 sheets/layers of glass. This ensures the best thermal and phonic insulation.

Laminated wood is safer, more durable and more resistant over time.

Laminated wood by definition transformed correctly into the joinery items, destroy the myth “that works”, thus he solved the problems of deformation and no longer works in the time of inconvenience for the purposes of subsequent creeării.


At this point, laminated wood carpentry is a true fashion, representing a return to nature and tradition.

Transport and Assembly

We make transport and Assembly equipment and specialized personn


Prices are determined on the basis of the wood core, sizes, shapes, finishes (translucent lacquers or paints), glass and other accessories. The


products manufactured by us are guaranteed for 10 years, and 3 years laminated wood for paint and hardware.